Things you’ll need to get started:


Set aside about 3-4 hours aside for your first full week worth of meal prep. Pick a day that you have the least amount of stuff going on, maybe a Netflix and chill day.

It might seem intense but think of all the time you’ll save when you’re not busy thinking about breakfast, lunch and dinner. The decision making, the ordering/waiting, the grocery shopping, it will all be done in one day! 


You’ll need anywhere from 4-5 per day. Yes, that is a total of 25 containers! Here are glass and plastic options that might work well for you depending on your commute and space. 

Glass Tupperware 

Stainless Steel Tupperware 

Plastic Tupperware


It depends on which meal plan you go with but here are a few things you might need. 

General (oven, pots, pans) 

8 Cup Measuring Bowl 

8 Ounce Measuring Cup 

Measuring Spoons 

Baking Sheet  (3)



Muffin Pan


How many calories do you burn while doing nothing? How about on your commute? If you don’t know how many calories you burn, how do you know how many you should consume? 

Having an understanding of how many calories you burn throughout the day can help you identify how many calories you should consume in order to accomplish your goal. Eating too much can result in fat storage. Eating too little can slow your metabolism and result in muscle loss which is counter productive. 

If you happen to workout do you know how many carbs you should consuming for energy? How many grams of protein you need to build muscle and lastly how much fat you need to properly absorb vitamins? 

Identifying the appropriate amount of protein carbohydrate and fat requirements for your fitness routine can positively influence and even optimize your perfomance. 


Totally optional but these might just be overall health game changers if used appropriately. 



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