Hi. It’s me, bq. 

I had been on a wellness journey for years and didn’t know it. I began meal prepping because it just made life easier with my busy work schedule and the limited options in the city. And I worked out because I enjoyed running and wanted to maintain stamina to keep up with my active social life and always-on career.

Over time it just became second nature. Friends and followers on social media began to take notice and ask for tips and on how I managed to stayed committed, my answer was simple, meal prep and fitness.

Quality health and fitness has allowed me to be 100% myself. I am more present than ever, I snack on fruit, I laugh, and surround myself with great people. I am a woman that requests freshly squeezed lime juice in her margaritas, I find joy in discovering new juice bars but can still devour a good steak.

I share what I’m eating and what I am learning because wellness has made me exert a life of unforgiving happiness and I hope that what I share can do the same for someone else. I share because food and fitness, for me, is a way of showing love.

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